About This Website

Morse Code still going strong!

Dear reader,
Thank you for visiting my web site.

Considering the fact that morse code still is very popular around the globe, your reactions kept me motivated to keep this site up to date.
After numerous questions from friends why I did not have a
home page, they triggered something that would keep me busy for
more than hundred hours at the start of these pages in 1996.
It was a lot of work to compile all the information and learning HTML at the same time.
Now years later it is still a challenge to serve the morse code minded.
I hope that you enjoy the information you find, let me know what you think.
It seems the code is still alive in despite of what some people may think.
I hope you like this site and I would like to receive your comments,
questions or idea's, just send an e-mail to me:
askus AT xs4all.nl (don't forget to replace the AT for an @!!)

Best regards,

Wilko J. Hollemans PA3BWK

After almost 8 years the sponsoring from Dutch Info Center has suddenly ended. A big thank you to René Kooijman at de Internetman who provided webspace untill oct 2008.
After René's sudden death Karsten Beijer from Easyhosting.nl jumped in and immediately provided us with space on his webservers and he kindly sponsored the domain to keep this site running. Without his help and generousity this site could not exist. Unfortunately Karsten Beyer passed away suddenly 7 october 2012. At this moment I am funding the website by myself (unfortunately ;-) Update 8 august 2023: in order to maintain this web site I am now looking to convert this site to a Wordpress solution.