Commercial Links

The K10/K12 keyer chip, heat up your soldering irons!!!! Are you in the need of a good keyer? K1EL ham radio kits is the place to be! For contesters, the Winkeyer USB is the cheapest an best product for your station. It is supported by most logging software.

Begali the one and only mini portable paddles
Kent morse keys
Scheuneman keys
Logikey keyer
Straight keys, made in Ukraine
Bulldog - iambic paddle
- Keyers
Hi-Mound Morse Keys and Paddles.
ElectroInstrument Paddle Key-8
Electronics USA.COM they make mini keys and other neat stuff....
CWeasy Learn the code by hypnosis.
Vibroplex paddles
UA9OSV CW Get Morse decoder sofware
SPEED-X Keys by Nye Viking.
This is a very good-looking CW program Numorse by Tony Lacy G4AUD.