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General Information
The Radio Telegraphy Extremely High Speed Club was founded on the 20th of march 1982 in association with the HSC and VHSC and was created for everyamateur who enjoys high speed telegraphy to provide a stimulating challenge to achieve their highest operating speeds.
Active members strive for an optimum discipline in radio telegraphy traffic and also encourage and help other amateurs to use high speed telegraphy to increase their speed.
The club consists of honorary members,active members and shortwave listeners who have all the same rights. The club is open to membership from all countries and language groups.

How to join the EHSC
To become an active member of the EHSC three recommendations must be
obtained from other active members.An active member may give a
recommendation after a "sponsor QSO" under the following conditions:
A recommendation can be made after having a 2-way CW contact with a
EHSC member for at least 30 minutes using a telegrapy speed of 300 letters
per minute or higher(Paris-base,60 WPM). Solid copy must be made by the
applicant together with excellent keying. Computers,keyboards or decoders
are NOT allowed during these contacts. Reception must be done by ear and
only a basic electronic keyer may be used to assist with sending.
After having 3 recommendations in your possession you can send your
application together with 10 IRC's (or equivalent in Euro's) and a written and signed statement that the applicant did not used any computers,keyboards or decoders during the sponsor QSO's.There is no further payment for life
membership. Applications should be addressed to the secretary of the EHSC:

Fabian Kurz, DJ5CW
President and Secretary
EHSC Committee members:
Gerd, IN3EBZ

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