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The Radio Telegraphy Very High Speed Club VHSC was founded on May 1st 1961 under protection of VERON and DARC and has the intention to gather radioamateurs who are able to transmit and to copy very high speed telegraphy, and doing so, to encourage CW-Traffic in general and QRQ-Traffic
in particular.
The VHSC Committee consists of:
               PA5V   :    President
               PA0DIN  :  (SK)
               DL5XL   :   President of HSC

How to join the VHSC 

Be active on the bands, using telegraphy speed of 40 wpm or higher,
and show your ability to read and key this speed perfectly.
VHSC-Members may give a recommendation to you for VHSC-Membership.

Do NOT fish for a recommendation at the beginning of a QSO.
Just show your capability of solid copy and excellent keying at a speed
of at least 40 wpm. After about 30 minutes you may show your
interest for VHSC-Membership and ask for a recommendation
for VHSC-Membership.

A recommendation may be given after having 2-way-CW contacts
- with a VHSC Member - for at least 30 minutes using telegraphy speed
of 200 letters per minute or higher. (Paris-base, 40 wpm).
Solid copy should be made by the applicant, together with excellent keying.
No keyboards or decoders are allowed during these contacts.
A recommendation is valid for a maximum of 3 years.

When you have recommendations of 4 different VHSC-members in
your possession, send these with your application for VHSC-Membership
and an entrance-fee of Euro 10,= to the VHSC-Secretariat, PA5V
R.C. Ackx
Zuidwijk 35
NL - 2771 CB Boskoop
the Netherlands.

The call of a VHSC-Candidate will be published in our VHSC-Bulletin; this is
our News-sheet, which is sent to all VHSC-Members.
If there are no objections raised by VHSC-Members within 3 months, the
VHSC-Candidate can be registrated as a VHSC-Member.

All recommendations must show the duration of the VHSC-test-QSO
and must mention the CW-speed used during that VHSC-test-QSO.
All applications should contain statement , that the applicant did not use
keyboard or decoder during the 4 test-QSO's.
A certificate of membership is sent to members.
There is no further payment for membership.
E-mail: pa5v AT veron.nl

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